Professional IT Consultants A Button Click Away

It's Like Having an IT Department On The Cloud

Computer-related problems occur very often. How much time and money will it cost you to hire an IT professional to physically show up and start working on your computers? Do these IT experts have the right tools to manage your computers and assist employees? Depending on the complexity of the problem and IT professionals availability, the time for solving the issue could vary. The situation could be even worse if IT professionals neither correctly address users about their computer issues nor does assist users properly for solving them.

With Adriss' help desk solution, you have complete access to professional IT representatives that can help you with any problem you might be experiencing on your computer. With our remote access solution, we can even access your computer and fix any issue you might be having in a matter of minutes. Trust in Adriss to provide you with secure, fast, and quality technical support.

Remote Help Desk

The Adriss' remote help desk solution offers you a professional, robut IT team at your disposal any time during the work week. With our remote access solution, we are able to communicate with you in real-time as well as access your computer and resolve your issue within minutes. Adriss believes in providing clear, professional IT support. All our technicians are college-trained IT specialists in the United States.

Benefits to Adriss' remote help desk solution:

  • Live technical support for all your computer needs
  • Live Chat between Employees and our professional IT representatives
  • Video Chat allows for fully interactive face to face video chatting with employees if their machine has a camera

Remote Assistance

The Adriss help desk solution provides quality assistance from experienced, professional IT representatives in the USA. With the Adriss help desk solution, we can remotely assist users, view their screen, take control of their computer, and performs repairs.

Benefits of the Adriss help desk solution:

  • Tracks and manages computer problems
  • Allows remote communication with IT professionals
  • Remotely checks and fixes issues
  • Provides live support

Remote Access

In order to minimize user disturbance, save time, and increase productivity in a company, the Adriss help desk solution provides live remote access and complete remote control without interrupting users or stopping them from doing working. Our IT professionals can remotely resolve computer issues regardless of their physical location.

Benefits of the Adriss' remote access solution:

  • Minimal user interruption
  • Provides live remote access
  • Allows computer management from anywhere