Audit, update, & secure all computers in your network.

Complete Control of What Your Employees Can or Cannot Do

With Adriss' desktop management solution, we are able to automatically create a policies that incorporates accessibility, appearance, keyboard and sounds, as well as core productivity application settings such as Office and Internet Explorer, preventing your employees from accesssing applications that you do not approve of.

Interested in going green? With the Adriss' desktop management solution, we are able to power off computers at the end of the work day so you save money while helping the earth stay clean!

The Adriss' desktop management solution offers increased security enhancements. We can deploy policies for USB and optical data access and other important windows security settings such as Windows Defender and Action Center so you can feel confident that your employees only use your computer for work-related matters.

Desktop Management

Under the Adriss desktop management solution, computers will be kept consistently safely and automatically updated with the latest security patches and software updates. This feature chooses what patches are appropriate for particular computer systems and ensures that patches are installed correctly. Also, it offers a secure and complete protection to eliminate potential threats and keep applications updated. Trust Adriss to keep your workstations running efficiently and up-to-date.

Benefits to Adriss Desktop Management Solution:

  • Automatically looks for missing patches
  • Identifies system weaknesses and selects the required patches
  • Customized scheduled installations
  • Simultaneous installation of required patches
  • Silently installs software

Audit & Inventory

The Adriss Desktop Management solution monitors every computer in the network and reports useful hardware and software information. Detailed reports allow you to maximizing computer performance while reducing computer-management costs

Benefits of Adriss' audit & inventory solution:

  • Tracks network and software changes
  • Ensures software compliance
  • Blocks inappropriate software
  • Sends alerts if software changes are made
  • Complete hardware, system, software inventory

Policy Management

The Adriss Desktop Management solution allows us to enforce strict security enhancements to prevent employees from accessing websites, applications, and files that they should not be accessing at work. You decide what you want your employees to have access to, and we will make sure that is enforced.

Benefits of Adriss' policy management solution:

  • Add/Delete Printers on every computer
  • Block unwanted software from being downloaded by users
  • Create file access policies to prevent unwanted access to particular files or folders
  • Automatically transfers policy settings to new computers