Your data deserves to be protected.

Is Your Business Protected From Data Loss?

Even though computer hardware and antivirus programs are stronger and more reliable than ever before, there is always a chance your data can become corrupted or lost via user error or system instability. As such, systems routinely need to be restored to their latest working state via disk backups. Even if you possess a centralized server that manages your organization's data, It is imperative that the server and workstations are routinely backed up in order to save time and money. If a computer dies or a file is deleted, who is responsible for retrieving that information for you? Investing time your employees do not have on solving computer problems or redoing their work is unecessary money lost.

With Adriss' backup management solution, we are able to instantly restore any deleted file or computer in a matter of minutes so that your employees can get back to doing what they do best. With our backup management solutions, you can trust Adriss to monitor and backup your system at all times.

Backup Management

Your computer data is extremely valuable. Even if physical disasters such as hard drive failure occur, your data can be restored entirely with backups. In order to guarantee successful system recovery, it is essential to utilize a strong, robust, and reliable software. Adriss offers an off-site management system which allows us to securely manage & monitor your organization's backups. Trust Adriss to quickly resolve and restore your day-to-day computer problems.

Benefits to Adriss' backup management solution:

  • No additional hardware or software needed
  • Monitors and protects systems from a remote location
  • Backups are automatically duplicated and securely stored in another location
  • Performs Disk Imaging for complete data protection
  • Capable of recovering a system from fatal disasters

Data Backup

Whether it be hard drive failure, corrupted file systems, or even if you deleted a file accidentally, Adriss provides the best solution to securely back up and quickly restored systems while minimizing time lost and user inconvenience.

Benefits of Adriss data backup management solution:

  • Ensures system folders and files are backed up
  • Performs backups regularly of distributed systems for multiple restore options
  • Restores systems quickly after data loss or system failure
  • Provides self-service recovery
  • Schedules backups for the least disruptive time

Desktop Migration

Adriss provides a desktop migration solution that allows you to save and transfer your pc configurations, application settings, and files when upgrading or replacing an existing computer. By creating customized profiles, the tedious process of replacing computers becomes a streamlined process that saves you both time and money.

Benefits of Adriss' desktop migration solution:

  • Backups, restores, migrates user profiles and settings
  • Creates customized user profiles
  • Allows user configurations and files to be used in other computers
  • User profiles can be used in computers with different operating systems